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Can employers find out if you were fired?

Ida is a home for best Background check companies in India for employment purposes which is equipped with employee database & current trends in technology. The importance of background checks has been increasing in companies and employers in all sectors, though a few industries are having dedicated team for background checks, it’s not sufficient to collect all the information of the candidates. Hence, companies are giving to outside agencies to undertake the checks on their behalf to reduce risks.

Companies like Ida(Experienced & Expertise) checks all the details like education check, employment check, credit/financial check, legal, police check, address check, criminal check (court), social media check, Reference check, Drug test, Identity Check, Psychometric test.

Today environment is more of a discrepancy in degrees, bogus grades, and fake certificates. The number of corporate frauds is increasing and the aim of employee background check companies in India is to reduce its probability.

We help companies to select talent people who fit into their position as per requirements in a systemic way.

Interviewing potential candidate is a great first & foremost step, for that background check needs to be performed by human resources (HR) professional for organizations.A survey conducted by on behalf of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) found that 96 percent of responding businesses stated that they conduct one or more types of pre-employment background credentials screening by collecting details from previous employers either contacting directly over phone or through emails.

Proper background checks help to dig up the details that the individuals try to hide from their employers. As a background verification check company in india we are well in identifying the discrepancies because they are well aware of  what to look for regarding the prospects. They call ex-employers and check for various details provided against the data from the last company. They will also go through the public databases or the criminal records to find involvement in illegal activities. Digging through the education records helps to verify the certificates, degrees & previous jobs.

Ida has undertaken in-depth analysis and detailed research process for numerous clients strategically throughout the years as per compliance & company policy. We got vast network & expertise at doing background checks in India, have helped companies to employ the best people at prestigious positions. Now you too can benefit from our insightful solutions tailored to your specific needs. Give us a call to get going!

The HR manager can choose from several different types of background checks, including credit checks, employment/work history verification, drug tests, driving, and criminal records, and certainly education history verification. A new development centers on social media searches, and this has become a hotly debated topic among HR professionals and employment background check services companies in India. That’s primarily because these screening processes tend to wind up containing information about which potential employers aren’t allowed to ask an applicant straight out: things such as sexual orientation, political affiliations, and similar data.

Social media checks can also provide great insights into an applicant’s personal life, career & multiple benefits too. federal legislation designed to promote accurate, fair, and private background checks as well as other consumer reports. It also sets the standards for employment verification. Anyone can cross-check to free their personal profile on social media before appearing in the interview. social media is taken as a great deal of consideration in the interview process.

As a certified company, we conduct essential Background checks which may cover all financial aspects like a bank account, credit checks even for small firms at a nominal cost. Physical verification of all documents can be done in this process. background check provides security for the future to companies.

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