Background Verification Companies in Delhi/NCR

background verification companies in delhi

Background checks have to be the highest priority for companies. As a one of the best & top background verification companies in Delhi/NCR, we do educational verification, previous employment history check, address verification, id validation, social media check, database check, drug check, credit check, criminal record check for employers.

Ida is one of the best background verification companies in Delhi/ NCR, Noida & Gurgaon. We are popularly called as best Background Verification Agencies in Delhi NCR. Background Verification is a well-known term in the corporate world. Every employee is checked thoroughly by the Top Background Verification Agencies Delhi. The Top Background screening companies are hired specially to do this background verification check in Gurgaon.

Sometimes it happens that in order to get a kick start in a good job, or just to have a big salary in the initial stage itself, people product fake document. This is not legal as per law and chances of termination of an employee is high from the services. The consequences can be severe too. Maybe blacklisted in some companies. Therefore the Background Verification companies in Delhi/ Ncr are preferred by the companies in order to do the verification check and avoid the occurrence of unwanted circumstances.

Ida is responsible to check the employment history verification, pre& post-employment verification, education verification, and even the criminal record check. Being a capital of India, Delhi/NCR including Gurgaon, Noida has more multiple companies. The city generates a lot of employment every year. And some companies do this employment every month. Hence the Background check is critical for companies to hire a candidate. Some companies even have a tie-up with the third-party verification companies in Delhi to have a background check.

Ida was established to focus completely on the background verification. Having a large team of professionals the company is termed to be the Background Verification Agencies In Delhi NCR. We have multiple stages of the verification process, which are carried on in order to be completely sure about the history of the employee.

  • Flexible background check & complete reporting.
  • Real-time status updates and Tools for Applicant—reduces TAT
  • Ease of administration and 24/7 access
  • All checks conducted under the strict guidelines of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Information remains confidential

IDA has existence in major cities in Delhi & NCR

New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad

Employment check has become more of a need in recent times. it is difficult for an HR of the company to perform due diligence on their own. Moreover, it requires an effective background verification process to identify and eliminate dishonest candidates. Whether a large or Small Business, hiring qualified and honest employees are important to the success of any company. Background checks companies can help you get them on the job quickly and easy to use employee background check process.

As a background verification agency, we have a dedicated team and excelled in background checks. you can screen your applicants for any background related issues. We do an array of verifications that are reported with evidence and bound by TAT. We provide real-time updates & download reports.

List of Background verification Companies in Delhi/Noida is not limited to employment verification either. The verification process is extended to Cab Driver Verification and House-keeping staff verification too. without background check of these people, if a company hired a candidate that leads to dangerous situation and bad name to company as well.For example, if we observe sequence of incidents happened with cab drivers behaving in a bad way with customers and even more to be happen if proper background screening not done.

As a best background verification companies in Gurgaon, we do help companies to have risk free environment in hiring process.Background verification helps the organizations to build trust with their employees.Background check on self  needs a deep analysis and need to collect information from multiple sources it’s a bit difficult job.

Our Background Verification Process includes

  • Evidence-based
  • Confidential in information
  • TAT-bound
  • Real-time reports
  • Ease of Administration and 24/7 Access
  • Physical Address verification
  • Credit check
  • Criminal background check
  • Education qualification
  • Employee history background check
  • ID proof background check
  • Reference background verifcation
  • Drug tests/ Alcohol Tests
  • Ex- employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Educational Documents verification
  • Criminal records check

It’s important for an organization to hire the right applicant with the right knowledge because an individual with a lack of formal education can adversely affect your processes and productivity.

In this service, we check the authenticity of the education certificates from the respective college/university to ascertain the genuineness as well as to ensure it fulfills requirements for the role.

It is pertinent to know the professional history of the applicant you are investing in. Applicants may have provided an enhanced resume to uplift their image from past employment.

We verify the key employment parameters of the candidate such as tenure, the position held, the reason for leaving, compensation, etc. from the concerned departments of their previous employers.

Since most of our Identification documents and records are linked with an address, it is important for an organization to know whether their applicant resides in the provided address. We conduct physical in-person visits to the address(s) to confirm the domicile of the applicant.

To keep the workplace risk free, it’s important to hire a candidate who comes with a clean criminal record. With the help of the Police Department and Criminal Lawyers, we thoroughly verify the existence of any criminal records pertaining to the applicant.

This is to check if you are hiring the correct applicant who claims to be an individual as per the resume. There are incidents where the applicant(s) shared forged/counterfeit IDs to secure a job. We can authenticate any ID which has been issued by the Government of India.

As an employer, it is important to research an applicant through the publicly available information on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. We can check the candidate’s online persona for our clients and provide an analysis of the same.

Organizations require credit checks on their employees to determine how responsible they are in their personal financial history. An employee with a poor credit history is a potential risk to the organization especially in banking, consulting and retail industries.

We do a complete analysis of the applicant’s financial history with their consent to know about their payment history, bankruptcies (if any) or collection liabilities.

Maintaining a drug-free environment is a legal requirement globally. We are partnered with the best diagnostic laboratories globally to identify evidence of recent use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs by employees. This check is very sensitive; hence utmost care is taken while conducting the check.

Every employer understands the importance of reference in an applicant’s resume. The reference check is also an important part of the background check as it is important to know details like job performance, attitude with colleagues, the area of improvement and other personal attributes. These are checked by contacting the professional references cited by candidates and ascertaining the desired information.

This check is done for applicants who have prior international professional engagements. We verify International databases to know if the applicant has any adverse records globally.

Final words:

Companies generally approach us for a background check for employment as we reviewed as accredited background check companies. Background Verification is the key to reduce risks in hiring and build trust with the new employees. A lot of companies in Bangalore have included Background verification as a compulsory stage in hiring processes by third-party agencies. Join us for safeguarding your organization as well from data theft/ Information theft and other risks!

Few background check companies do landlord tenant credit check, tenant screening service, landlord screening. If you have any queries on how background check for employment what do they check and need any employment background check sample go through it.

if you need Background Verification Agency in Delhi/Ncr, Noida, Gurgaon? You may call us at +91 8049 56 39 16(or) email us at with your specific requirements. Our team will respond to you quickly.

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