“Safety and security depends on what you inspect and not what you expect

IDA Automation provides comprehensive reports of Employee Screening based on Truth, Accuracy and Validity. Our aim is to clean up the work place of our country and provide a healthy working environment through verified employees to our clients.

Our consultative approach based on extensive experience and expertise will help you decide what services are best suited to your organization’s needs.

We have a team of experienced Research Experts to provide compliance reports in the shortest turnaround times.

IDA provides specialized verification report for the following co facets

Education Qualification Verification

It’s important for an organization to hire the right applicant with right knowledge because a person with lack of formal education can adversely affect your processes and productivity.
In this service we conduct a check the authenticity of the education certificates from the respective college/university to ascertain the genuineness as well as to ensure it fulfills requirements for the Job Description.

Past Employment History Check

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It is pertinent to know the professional history of the applicant you are investing on. Applicant’s may have provided an enhanced resume to uplift his/her image from past employments.
We verify the key employment parameters of the candidate such as tenure, position held, reason for leaving and compensation among others from the concerned departments of their previous employers

Credit Check

Organizations require credit checks on their employees to determine how responsible they are in their personal financial history. An employee with a poor credit history is a potential risk to the organization especially in banking, consulting and retail industries.

We do a complete analysis on an applicant’s financial history with their consent to know about their payment history, bankruptcies (if any) or collection liabilities.

Address Verification

Since, most of our Identification documents and records are linked with an Address it is important for an organization to know whether their applicant resides in the provided address. We conduct physical in-person visits to the address(s) to confirm the residence of applicant.

Criminal Record Check

To keep the work place risk free, it’s important to hire a candidate who comes with clean criminal record.
With the help of Police Department and Criminal Lawyers we thoroughly verify an existence of any criminal records pertaining to the applicant.

ID Validation

This is to check if you are hiring the correct applicant who claims to be an individual as per the resume. 
There are incidents where applicant(s) has shared Forged/Counterfeit IDs to secure a job. We can authenticate any ID which has been issued by the Government of India.

Social Media Check/Analysis

As an employer it is important to research an applicant through publicly available information on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
We can check the candidate’s online persona for our clients and provide an analysis on the same.

Global Database Check

This check is done for applicant’s who have prior international professional engagements. We verify International Database’s check to know if applicant has any adverse records globally.

Reference Check

It is important to know little more details like job performance, attitude with colleagues, area of improvement and other personal attributes.
These are checked by calling the professional references cited by candidates and ascertaining the desired information.

Drug Test

Keeping a drug free environment is legal requirement globally. We are partnered with best diagnostic laboratories globally to check if the employees identify evidence of recent use of alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs. . This check is very sensitive; hence utmost care is taken while conducting the check.

Pre and Post joining Medical Check up

Medical checkup of employees provides for a healthy work environment. A medically unfit employee is a risk to process and productivity. To check these intensively, we are partnered with leading hospitals and health centers to provide complete confidence to our clients by checking medical conditions of their employees.


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