Process Analysis

The initial process in Business Process Automation (BPA) is the project discovery that includes analysis and review of the processes that can be automated. This also includes the definition of the workflow of the business tasks that come under the scope of the project and how they can be improved to utilize human resource.

Before the workflow can be automated, it is essential to define all the business processes in an organization. It’s also critical to define the individual users and their functions. In this way, processes can be redefined, optimized and automated when necessary.

Workflow Automation
Every business is driven by several workflow processes; a sequence of tasks and actions that involves one or more people, groups, and departments. Workflow processes generally include some form of data entry, document hand off, marketing approvals, forms, purchase orders and more.
An answer to the question we ask ourselves every day while working

“There has to be a better and easier way to do this”

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Excel Solutions
Paperwork plays a significant role in business processes and pending signatures and approvals cause major delays within a business. By converting physical documents into electronic formats, you will see a reduction in process delays and significant improvement in tracking and efficiency of document navigation.

IDA works with you to migrate all paperwork into web-based forms and to facilitate role based approvals, digital signature, and expiration tracking.

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