Can Employers look up Employment History?

Can employers look up employment history

It’s a common question among candidates about the depth of previous employment screening. The extent of employment verification goes beyond the basic questions such as tenure, job position, and description. Employers also enquire about the behavior of the candidate in his/her previous work and make sure that they don’t see any red flags.

The verification process can change according to the organization and job position. Hiring managers look for information mentioned in the resume or job application forms. Mainly they focus on whether the applicant is competent for the position and has the suitable skill set for the job. Employers ascertain that the candidate maintains professional behavior and will not jeopardize the harmony of the workplace.

The truth is that today’s businesses have more options out there for conducting pre-employment screening. Employer confirms the authenticity of the previous institutions you have listed in employment history. Perhaps, few check deeper into your previous employment, asking questions about your performance and workplace attitude.

Some laws will prevent companies from enquiring anything except basic info like company name, job title, job description. In such cases, employers acquire information about candidate behavior and attitude from their co-workers.

Employment background screening is not limited to your previous workplace, companies can also check your credit history and criminal record check with permission or letter of authorization from your end. The real extent of your screening process depends on the job profile you have applied for and the company rules.

Embellishment and fabrication in your CV/resume can adversely affect your career, double-check the qualifications, skills, and data that you have provided in your resume, and don’t leave anything to chances. Be upfront about the job gap if you have any, and provide genuine, accurate answers about the reason behind the job gap.

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