Do companies check your high school background education?

do employers verify high school diploma

If a candidate is applying for a new job, for a specialized position, of course, there will be an elaborated process to verify the candidate’s academics under the Education Background Check.

Most of the candidates may think if the companies check their high school education, but precisely, employers (around 70%) conduct Education Background Check as a part of the hiring process. Few have still failed/do not consider conducting an Education Background Verification check for applicants regarding academic achievements. However, that’s challenging because the drawback of faking credentials is growing.

Generally, we cannot find every candidate with a genuine degree; some disclose different institutes as issuing their degree, while some buy a degree even without completing it. Anyone can fake a degree certificate/letter of completion. Hence it is always better to get it verified by experts like IDA to make sure you are hiring a progressive employee and not a potential threat to the company.

By exploring, employers spot the applicants who exaggerated their education, and as a result, employers will avoid applicants who are dishonest in their degrees/credentials provided.

With enormous years of expertise in the Background Verification industry and serving multiple companies, IDA plays a key role in the Background Verification/Screening process. We offer degree verification from High school to college through our multiple channel verification.

A well-organized hiring process is always only with a proper Background verification activity.

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