Digital Marketing is a service that businesses to experience accelerated growth and optimization with in no time.IDA as a Digital Marketing Company Started with a singular SEO services, Moulding client appreciation as its strength, the services spread up and now it is serving to all aspects of digitized trend over varied industries addressing higher search ranking.

Ranking is not the goal but the tool to get customers’ eye on and that fuels lead generation and ultimately business optimization.

Digital marketing company

digital marketing services agency

Whenever digital marketing comes in to picture, the focal centres are likely – SEO and PPC Marketing.These are the two key driving factors playing diversely for a single purpose of lead generation for ultimate business optimization.

Digital business is also meant for exhibiting your business on several social media platforms for a huge customer interaction driving conversions and maintaining Online Reputation.In order to keep you prominent in the crowd, IDA offers comprehensive Digital Marketing services, providing a thorough overhaul of your business appearance online. Years of practice, apt tools and skilled tech-savvy human resource strength is our differentiating factor. Let our strengths be your forte. Ride on our back to attract, retain and nurture more patrons and maximize your profitability and higher ROI.


  • Drive up revenue
  • Increase profit levels
  • Build personalised marketing
  • Cost effective strategies
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Sales conversion optimization
  • Response on social media promotions


  • Cutting edge interactive solutions
  • End to end marketing technology
  • Content -the King-pin
  • Increased social media channels
  • Quality services
  • Responsive designs
  • Native advertising
  • Effective engagement with clients
  • Unified video ads


  • Potential leads for your website
  • Boosts your advertising results
  • Keeps you at par with competitors
  • Greater exposure of your website
  • Brand development
  • Customer engagement
  • Higher visibility on social platforms
  • Grand exposure to search engines