Education Background Verification

Education background verification is a priority check for the employer to hire an individual who possesses a certain degree required for the role/position.
Education Verification is however a part of Employee Background Screening process, this is to authenticate/verify the education credentials provided by the candidate is accurate or not.

A candidate without proper academic knowledge could be a threat to any process in the organization. She/he may not be able to deliver the expectations of the company. Hence, it could affect the productivity and reputation of the organization.

Education Background is verified by contacting the College/Institute or the University directly to obtain confirmation on student’s records; like degree honored, percentage/grade, date of attending the college, and course completion year.

In fact, Education Verification takes more time than any other verification, and Education Institutions have their own procedure and do take their own time to respond to a verification request. And the confirmation is mostly shared via post/courier which takes time. Average (TAT) Turn Around Time for an Education Verification is between 2-3 weeks.

Here’s when companies can reach experts like IDA to get specialized assistance in obtaining the verification requests in much lesser TAT than the usual time taken from the educational institutions.

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