Employment Verification Letter from Previous Employer

Employment verification letter from previous employer

Employment status confirmation can be done with an simple employment verification letter. It ensures the current or former employers.

The employment verification letter is an acknowledgement to a request for information from a employer, government agency, or bank, for example.

A bank requests for employment verification by asking bank statement for 3 months in providing house or vehicle loan. The potential employer may verify employment date and salary. The majority of requests will come from banks and other lending agencies.

Generally employment status ,job title, job description and salary will be enclosed in employment verification. A few ask for employee attitude, performance, hard- working nature.

Each employer needs to establish an employment verification policy and follow it.An employment verification letter use a standard form that includes your company’s name and logo. Employee should notify that he requested for verification letter and make sure that he has given authorization for disclosure of details.

Few employees will look for loan for their personal purposes for that they would like to know whether they are eligible for it or not. Stress will be relieved if employment verification letter released as it requested by bank.If the employment verification request asks for information about a former employee, make sure that you have a signed release of information on file. You would have obtained this release when you to review the employment ending checklist, Or the request for employment verification must contain the former employee’s signature authorizing the request. You should check the signature against signatures you have in the employee file.The purpose of this letter is to verify the employment of the named employee.
Employee Name: Ranjan

Date of Birth: 09-10-90
Employee Ranjan is (was) an employee of the IDA Company.

Employment Dates: January 22, 2016, until current.

Job Title: Data analyst

Current (Final) Salary: 6L per year plus potential quarterly performance bonus.

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