Employment Verification Letter from Previous Employer

Employment verification letter from previous employer

Employment status confirmation is always done with a process and procedure by acquiring the employment verification letter from the employer confirming the credentials; this applies to the current or former employers; however, it is always as per client-specific SOW (Scope of Work).

The employment verification letter is one of the proofs in written with authenticated credentials by the employers according to the company records about the candidate’s association with the organization. A public body such as banks and financial lending companies requires Employment Verification letters to facilitate the loan requested.

Any bank would ask for 3 monthly bank statements to verify the Employment of the candidate to provide a house/vehicle loans etc. An employer will verify employment duration and salary is drawn. Major Employment Verification letter requests are from banks and other lending agencies.

Precisely, the employment status, job title, job description, and salary will be verified in the employment verification request. A few employers ask for employee attitude towards the job/role, performance at work, and also employee’s hard-working nature.

As a matter of fact, every employer should establish an employment verification process as a company policy and mandatory criteria to avoid the risk involved in hiring a resource with a failed Background check. It is always best to verify first rather than just to trust what is in the resume/credentials provided.

An employment verification letter holds a standard format, which includes the company name and logo (Company letterhead). The employee should always keep his/her employer informed about the request for an employment verification letter, and it must start with the employee’s authorization (Letter of authorization – LOA) to verify/disclose the credentials.

A request for a loan could be for personals purposes, for which employees may wish to check their eligibility for the same. It is relieving if the employment verification letter is released as requested by the bank/lending agency to process/release the loan request.

If the employment verification letter is seeking information about a former employer, it is necessary to make sure that you have a signed release of information on file. You would have obtained this release when you were to review/filing the employment ending checklist, and the request for employment verification should contain the former employer’s signature authorizing the request. You should check the signature against the signatures you have in the employment file.

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