Do Companies follow Process in failed background check?

Do Companies follow Process in failed background check

It is always a challenging task to inform the candidate about the failed Background Check.

This occurs at the time of pre/post-employment. Below are some pointers on how to inform employees about the failed background check.

First of all, check the reason for the candidate’s failed background check. It could be due to false/fake degree credentials provided, or might have bought a degree without completion, and may also be due to the degree obtained by an unrecognized education institute. If a background check reveals multiple false/fake data provided, the chances of losing the job are high for the candidate.

When a background check is verified through social platforms like Google, it might not be accurate in one or more instances, because of outdated/non updated data, which may affect the accuracy. Hence, for a background check, 3rd party companies like IDA are well equipped with built-in data and extensive experience and a specialized process to conquer/complete it background check.

Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), there is a right to dispute against false or inaccurate information on the background checks. One should be aware of these rights through the adverse action process.

Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they have the right to dispute false or inaccurate information on their background checks. They should be aware of these rights through the adverse action process.

As per FCRA guidelines, the employer may send the following information within 3 days after background check:
A written statement of the screening results
• Background Check Final Report
• The verifying BGV company’s contact info.
• A copy of their consumer rights under the FCRA

The employers give a reasonable amount of time (5 days) to an employee to cross-check the screening details and respond to the same. If Employee has not responded on time, the future consequence might be termination.

Preparing for Background Checks: If any candidate is applying for a job, it is good to check for all the academic certificates, experience certificates simply by preparing a checklist. If a checklist is being prepared, there is less to be worried about the background check process.

1. What happens if you fail a background check?

In case of a failed background check, as per FCRA guidelines, the employer will inform the cause of failure and further action may be termination, if not given proper response with physical proof within 5 days of failed Background check report.

2. What would make someone fail a background check?

There are multiple reasons for the failure in a background checks. The main reasons could be as below:

1. Global Database Check
2. Education Verification
3. Reference Check
4. Previous Employment history Check
5. Drug Check
6. Criminal Record Check
7. Credit Check
8. Identity Check
9. Social Media Check

3. Failed background check after job offer (or) future consequences of a failed background check?

Precisely, often failing background checks means, one should keep trying to find a job elsewhere. The red flag of disqualification for the role or the job will not be in all the companies, some companies do give a second chance. But it is always better to enclose the correct credentials resume/Employee Information Form.

If one wants to increase the chances of getting hired successfully, following below steps may help.

• Run a self background check: Conducting a self Background check with a checklist will give an idea to fix issues if any at the early stages to match up with the company’s checklist to get the job.
• Understand the jobs that are not suitable: Generally, companies will put some prequalification/Job Description and skill set required for the role. It is better to check if your experience/skill set meets the requirements of the company.
Be honest: Make sure to provide/update correct/genuine credentials in the resume and Employee Information Form, this increases the chances of getting hired and honesty is always the best policy.

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