Hiring Trends Post Pandemic

hiring trends

It is no surprise that Covid-19 has caused major disruption in the hiring process across the globe. In the past year, employment plummeted and job-seekers had a hard time finding good job opportunities.The latest reports on hiring statistics in India are comforting enough to give us an ample amount of hope that the detrimental grasp of the pandemic is slackening and better days are ahead.

According to the surveys done by major employment-oriented platforms, namely Monster, Naukri, and LinkedIn industries’ hiring numbers are getting back on track. The Naukri jobspeak (the monthly index that records hiring activity based on the Naukri job postings) has recorded all-time high hiring activity in Sept 2021 surpassing pre- Covid levels in Sept 2019 by 21%. Bangalore (133%) recorded the highest year-on-year growth.The best part is, even the industries that got the most hit from Covid-19 such as hospitality & retails have witnessed significant growth in September. 

Monster Employment Index’s findings align with the conclusions of the jobspeak. The MEI denotes “ the job demand remains stable this month (Sept) recording a growth of just 1% as August 2021 saw an index of 284”. The survey shed light on the industries that have shown an increase in hiring activity. Banking/Financial Services, Insurance, IT – Hardware, software are some of those industries.

The LinkedIn India Labour Market Update ( July 2021) points out that though the second wave of Covid-19 caused a dip in hiring in April 2021, it has been shown to recover steadily. According to the data, the hike may be partly due to the people switching jobs and ‘reshuffling’ around, rather than new entrants into the workforce. “ These insights give us confidence that successful career pivots are the norm, rather than the exception, and that there are many opportunities for people looking to switch into emerging roles,” the report said. 

Labour market data from CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) has reported that employment in 2021 is estimated at 406.2 million. This is the highest in 20 months or since the Covid -19 shock in March 2020. This is particularly an exhilarating piece of information minding the fact that according to the same source 15 million jobs were lost during May 2021. 

All of the statistics positively shows that industries across India & the globe are on a path to recovery. It is needless to say that we are not out of the woods yet, but let’s hope with our fingers tightly crossed that the incline in the hiring is not a temporary respite but rather a glimpse of the bright future that is yet to come.

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