How far back does Employment Verification go?

How far back does Employment Verification go?

Background verification rules and regulations are different in different countries. Most countries have laws to make sure that pre-employment background checks are not carried out to discriminate against applicants.

The depth of the screening is pre-determined by the hiring organization. For example, they go in-depth in academic, professional qualifications and criminal background checks.  Criminal record verification typically covers seven years of criminal and court records. Companies either directly do a background check or outsource it to background verification vendors.

As per FCRA guidelines, employers should take employee permission letter that an employee has agreed to do a background check on particulars. At the same time employer should notify that the collected information is only used for employment services.

The data procurement for screening purposes should be according to the laws that are placed by the government and illegal background checks can bring harm to the organization. If you are an employer planning on candidate background verification, the best choice is to get it done by organizations like IDA, who is compliant with the law and has proper expertise in the field.

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