7 things you should know about red flags on background checks?

red flags on background checks

Companies face the dilemma of making a decision when interviewing and hiring potential employees. One of their biggest concerns is finding red flags in the employee’s pre-employment screening or background check. Pre-employment screening comprise  a candidate’s education, past employment, criminal record, social media, credit check, reference check, drug test record.

Companies need to evaluate pre-employment screening carefully to check discrepancies. Let us give you 7 important things you should know when it comes to background verification.

1. Education Background verification is a process for companies in pre & post-employment screening. The educational records you have provided will undergo stringent scrutiny, and the colleges and universities will be contacted to validate your certificates. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, assuming there is no misrepresentation or exaggeration in the submitted documents.

2. Some background checks may include a candidate’s employment history like previously worked companies list, designations, employment date, and leaving date mentioned in their resume.

3. Most of the companies (93%) conduct pre and post-criminal history screening. As per the survey, most of the companies give opportunities to candidates to explain if they were convicted in the past. If it does pose threat to the organization, they will have to decide against hiring the candidate. In most cases, it depends on the job profile.

However, most companies look for clean criminal records for the execution of jobs, they avoid candidates whose records have felonies like addiction, mental health issues, and sex offenses.

4. Social media network plays a crucial role in background check for companies as they verify the candidate profile insights for finding information like previous employee history, qualification, date of birth and place of birth.

Social media checks can also give the employer an idea about the candidates’ behavior from the posts and activities. IDA helps companies to check their potential employees’ social media platforms. We assess the individual’s persona by digging into their posts, checking for offensive and rude behavior, badmouthing of the previous boss, and sexual misconduct.

5. Credit checks are also procured by the companies because the financial crisis of a candidate reduces the performance in work. Fiscal responsibility is a major part of jobs in the sector of banking and finance. As a background check company, we do a complete analysis of credit checks.

6. Companies give high priority towards reference checks mentioned in the CV. The reference check is one of the important parts of the background check as it is important to verify the demeanor of the candidates. These are verified by contacting references mentioned in the resume by a candidate.

7. Maintaining a Drug and alcohol-free environment is a legal requirement globally. Companies have tie-up with background check companies to find the candidate’s recent use of alcohol and drugs.

This check is very critical for organizations to hire the right candidates who are free from drugs and alcohol. A substance abuser brings down the morality of the workplace and can surely tarnish the reputation of the organization.

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