Title Search

IDA’s nationwide coverage is achieved with our online and provider networks. Our review team has in-depth understanding of state regulations and assessment guidelines to provide the best research for your projects.

From headline reporting, title management, title policy review to preparation are all part of our extensive portfolio of title production. We follow an uncompromising approach toward delivering quality work by focusing on offering services of great value to customers.

We help achieve outstanding results due to following factors:

  • Extensive in-depth Training & assessment process |Dedicated project manager
  • Independent quality team |Technology enabled processes for faster turnaround time

Full Title Search

The full title search covers the title research on all current title holders and previous owners of the property. The names ought to be run for preferred liens, which include judgments and federal tax liens, for the whole statutory duration relevant to the state along with the easements and the agreements affecting the property. All essentials, covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R’S) or related document entailing amendments, annexations, or restated (CC&R’s) posted to the subject property must be reported.

Title Two Owner Search

Two owner search is performed over the last two owners subjected to the title of the property to elicit the report comprising all information on the current vesting deed. The report includes the deeds leading back to the prior owner’s tax information, warranty deed, and all the outstanding liens and mortgages recorded against the property and the owner.


Title Commitments

Title commitments and the reports related to the property will be fed using your software by our typists with expertise and trained in AIM®, Gator®, Ramquest®, Softpro®, and Title Express®.

Upon requirement, we can also execute data entry services by remotely getting connected to your server. Using a secured leased line, the data entry will be done directly onto your software with a faster turnaround time and the best quality in the industry.


Current Owner Search

The current owner search is performed by considering the latest deeds on the current titleholder right from the current date, the search begins backward to extract deed or other transfers available on the subject property if any. 


Legal Vesting Deed

With 100% reflection of property ownership and parcel ID, the report will be generated with a copy of the current vesting deed.

Judgement Searches

An extensive information validation, using online tools including risk.nexis.com, is conducted to elicit judgments against the borrower. The resulting search documents are then uploaded to the file.

Title Services

Title Insurance

IDA has the expertise in processing title and settlement transactions and customizes them according to the client’s requirements using professional title processing analysts and a tested delivery framework.
Our Title Insurance services include

  • Policy typing| Title commitment| Tax certification| Commitment typing| Claims
  • Title reports |Updates| Legal and vesting| Long legal typing|Title engineering| Appraisal

Tax Services

Our knowledgeable & experienced tax searching professionals helps you with following:

  • Faster response rates |Accurate and clear tax information collection
  • Direct Integration into workflow
  • Eliminate inefficiency and transcription errors using technology

What does IDA’s Title Search provide in the Tax Information?

  • Address |Tax ID Number| Legal Description |County and Municipality
  • The Payoff of delinquent taxes due to the county |Taxable Value
  • Current PRE – Principal Residence Exemption
  • Current Tax cycle, with status paid dates & due dates


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