What information can be released for employment verification?

A private employer, government agency, banks may ask for confirmation of employment verification who is applying for a job or other obligation. This process is undertaken to ensure that candidate is genuine in all aspects claimed in job application. In most cases, organizations verify:

  • Employment date
  • Salary details
  • Current Employer

Officially companies need not ask beyond basic details of employment, information about the employee’s performance, job responsibilities, title, and salary history.

Release of information depends on the employment verification policy. Consistency is important in dealing with employment verification. Hr managers will be well aware of how much information needs to be given even though some companies ask additional information.

Government agencies, lending institutions, and in some situations rental agents will not seek detailed reference or work experience. Prospective employers will most often want additional information.

The company will release:

  • Whether the candidate is currently employed at the company
  • The employee’s job title
  • Beginning and ending dates of employment
  • The salary of the employee

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